Stamina Air Rower (Black, Chrome) 35-1399

Stamina Air Rower (Black, Chrome) 35-1399

The Stamina Air Rower 35-1399 is available for under $300.00. This machine contains a multifunction performance monitor that displays time, distance, speed, and burned calories. The large padded, upholstered seat is idea for comfortable seating, and the large pedals keep both feet comfortable while exercising.

The Stamina Air Rower has built in wheels for easy transporting, floor protective bottoms to prevent skidding, and a foldable body for easy storage. Rowing is one of the best physical fitness exercises ever, because it works the upper body area, as well as the abdomen and thighs. The large cushiony seat, allow users to enjoy hours of rowing without feeling physically exhausted.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Folds for easy storage
  • Large padded seat for comfortable sitting
  • Adjustable foot straps to keep feet in place
  • Easy to use transportable wheels attached
  • Electronic performance display monitor
  • Wind resistance rowing feature
  • Textured handgrips on handles

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Customer Reviews

No product is a 100% perfect, regardless of the price or manufacturer. This product has 235 customer reviews and not all of them are positive or critical. In fact, the majority of the reviews are positive. Customers give their reviews about this product according to their own personal user experience and expectation. Some experiences are right on time, and others leave room for improvement; therefore, the overall rating for this product is 4.1 out of 5 stars.

The complaints of these customers range from minor problems such as delay time in shipping, or missing parts. However, the more critical complaints from customers include broken parts, or defective product. While these complaints are important, these complaints are not the sole litigating factor when it comes purchasing this machine.

One critical customer gave the Stamina 3 stars because the machine exercises the arms more than the legs. The customer says that rowing is supposed to work out the legs, arms, and back, in which in this case, the customer expectation is unsatisfactory. Another customer gives the Stamina 3 stars, and says that the rower is a good product. This sounds like a favorable review, but with a low star rating.

Nevertheless, 183 customers give the Stamina Air Rower a positive review. The number of critical reviews is 53. One 5.0 star customer says that after three years of usage, the Stamina is still in great condition, and it is still providing excellent rowing action. The customer says that the Stamina is toning all the muscles, and is giving good cardio exercise.

Another customer says that the rower is a great price, a great workout tool, and it durable. The customer says that the product is easy to assemble and the instructions are easy to follow. All of these customer reviews are from customers who have used, or is currently using the Stamina Air Rower. After conducting our own research we find that the Stamina Air Rower (Black, Chrome) 35-1399 is of great value, it is perfect for users who are looking to tone their muscles, and strengthen their heart.

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